Managing your SOCiAL MEDiA posts

We keep detailed records for reporting purposes, this allows us to be continuously honing your strategy to meet with your business expectations. For new businesses, we also offer account creation as well as bespoke banner and profile icons for social media pages as part of our social media management packages.

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The importance of social media in today’s modern marketing environment cannot be understated. Ultimately, effective social media is about continuous engagement, and this can be time consuming as well as a bit of a minefield, as demands and trends shift so much more quickly than in conventional marketing environments.

Our social media service is a fully management package, ensuring that you get the maximum reach for your business and that engagement is targeted, specific and geared towards reflecting the strategy of your business. This includes daily posting to the main social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – as well as sharing industry-specific material, cross-linking between sites, account setup and optimisation.

A social media presence is a must nowadays for almost every company. But so many businesses misuse or under use their social media accounts, and a valuable opportunity to engage customers is lost. Our social media management service ensures that your accounts are run professionally, with regular, meaningful updates. But more than that, we focus on increasing visits to your website through social media links, and we monitor the effectiveness of what we do, ensuring that we are constantly honing your social media strategy.