Purpose-led business

We are driven by a sense of purpose, wanting to ensure we support our local community.

In one initiative, we are delighted to share that we are sponsoring Community of Purpose’s Young Heroes awards.

The awards showcase young people who have shown great resilience in the face of adversity, positively impacted the lives of others or achieved something remarkable.

Caring Hero award

The award we chose to sponsor was the Caring Hero award. And while it would have been a privilege to sponsor any award, we felt this particularly resonated with our own value of caring for our clients and staff.

We do this in particular by charging just one quarter of the industry standard for our services and working transparently at all times so that each client can see the positive impact we make for them, something reflected in our 96% retention rate.

Our CEO and founding owner, Kevin Dunn, explains what the sponsorship means to him:

“I wanted to get us involved because I feel strongly that young people who put others before themselves, no matter what their background, should be recognised and rewarded.”

“I think that putting these amazing people in front of an audience can have a ripple effect across many lives, and encourage even more inspiring effort in the community.”

Making a splash

We already have a good working relationship with the Community of Purpose charity. So we know how their initiatives help young people become the best they can be and build self-confidence and self-respect. Sponsoring the awards is just our latest step in supporting this charity, and we plan to extend our involvement going forwards.

While there can only be one winner, we will be taking all the young people shortlisted for the Caring Hero award on a special day out, water-skiing at Cotswold Water Park. What better way to celebrate those who have made such a splash in their community!

Bristol Young Heroes Awards