Google Search Console

07 Feb, 2022

Google Search Console

What is it and what is it for?

Google processes approximately five billion searches in a single day. While your website may not appear in every online search, it is critical to monitor its position and performance in the search engine results that matter to your company. It’s simple (and free) to track your site’s success on Google with Google Search Console.

Not to be confused with Google Analytics; the difference is that Google Search Console suggests measures for SEO that drive traffic through search engines and Google Analytics lets you monitor and gives you a complete picture of traffic through your various marketing campaigns, social media, search engines and more.

What is Google Search Console?

Search Console, formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools,” is a free web service that allows you to track and troubleshoot your site’s performance in Google search and help you improve SEO or ranking visibility on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and bring more relevant traffic to your website.

The Google Search Console can be used by anyone of any experience level and skill set; whether you are an SEO expert, a web developer or a business owner, you can use the Google search console and get real value from it.

What is Google Search Console used for?

The Google search console helps you to:

      • Determine whether Google can locate, crawl, and index your website.
      • You can ask Google to crawl and re-index your entire website or a specific web page.
      • Troubleshoot any issues with crawling and indexing.
      • Solve typical issues with mobile device usability and monitor, test and track your AMP pages (accelerated mobile pages)
      • Examine security concerns, as well as manual site actions.
      • Discover which websites are linked to yours.
      • Determine how frequently your website appears in Google’s search results.
      • Check to see if your website appears in any searches or search results.
      • Figure out which search results are bringing people to your website.

Google Search Console Tools

You can use Google Search Console to access a number of tools and reports, including:

      •           Overview: A brief summary of total website clicks, indexed pages and for seeing your site’s overall performance.
      •           Performance: Check your website performance in depth with the performance report as well as your average click-through rate (CTR) and position in search results.
      •           URL check: Find HTML errors, mobile usability errors, and JavaScript that you can forward to your development team.
      •           Coverage:  Confirm the index status of your website and its pages with the Coverage report.
      •           Sitemaps:  Submit and review uploaded sitemaps, as well as any sitemap errors.
      •           Usability on mobile devices:  Check the mobile compatibility of your indexed web pages.
      •           AMP:  Find out which AMP pages Google can and cannot index.
      •           Rich result status:  Find scannable or unreadable rich results on your pages.
      •           Manual Actions:  Get a summary of manual actions against your site and potential fixes.
      •           Security Issues:  Review any security issues on your site or web pages.
      •           Links:  View links to your site and specific pages, as well as link anchor text


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