Google Analytics

07 Feb, 2022

Google Analytics


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a feature-rich web analytics tool (free & premium version) that allows for the analysis and monitoring of user behaviour of any website or mobile application, through the collection of client-side data and provides statistics and analytical tools to show you if your digital marketing and SEO optimisation strategy is working.

For Google Analytics to work, it requires the use of JavaScript code to track data and record user interactions with the website. This code must be inserted on all pages of the site where data is to be tracked.

Google Analytics data collection is totally hidden from users due to the use of cookies, which allow not only to track visits to the site, but also to determine if a user has previously visited the site, from which location, which pages were viewed, and so much more.

70.8% of the top 100,000 websites in the UK use Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics for?

Google Analytics should form part of your web marketing plan no matter what industry your company is in or where it is on its growth trajectory: Big companies aren’t the only ones who need to rigorously analyse their data. SMEs and professionals who want to build and track their marketing campaigns to sell their services can all profit from Analytics.

Google Analytics delivers quantitative and qualitative data that describes what happens on a website or app for all types of online visitors, allowing us to answer things like:

      • How many visitors am I attracting to my site?
      • What geographical area do they come from?
      • Are they using a desktop or smartphone?
      • Which channel did they come from (search engines, Facebook etc..)?
      • Did they come through organic or paid search engine traffic (PPC campaign)?
      • Which pages of the site did they land on?
      • What are the most viewed pages and content?
      • How long do they stay on my site on average?
      • How many users signed up for your newsletter this month?
      • How much revenue has my site generated through my SEO campaign?
      • What products have I sold through AdWords?

The information gathered by Google Analytics can then be used to determine how to better optimise your site to meet your ever-changing marketing goals and increase conversion rates (CRO – conversion rate optimisation).

Why do you need Google Analytics?

Google Analytics reports will provide you with an extremely detailed and comprehensive overview of aspects such as:

Know your audience better

One of the most important tools within Google Analytics is the information it collects about the visitors who browse your website. You can also tap into information that shows you on which days and times your target is most active, or find out if your users are predominantly male or female, what age group they belong to and what their main interests are. All this is valuable when honing your digital strategy geared towards your audience.

Traffic Capture

Google Analytics gives you easy to digest data about whether your traffic comes from organic searches, social networks, PPC advertising campaigns, or other sources. You’ll be able to track CTR (Click-through rate), average position, impressions, and other metrics by linking Analytics to Google Search Console.


Analyse Site Conversions

Conversions are essential to PPC advertising campaigns and Google Analytics will help you keep control of your digital strategy by allowing you to monitor and create specific conversion targets and share them with Google Analytics, allowing you to rely on real-time reporting on sales, e-commerce returns, and the efficacy of PPC advertising and other multi-channel funnels.

It should be clear at this point how important it is for a digital campaign to be linked to a feature-rich platform like Google Analytics to make data-driven marketing decisions.


Need help getting started with Google Analytics?

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