Digital marketing seems to move at lightning pace, and keeping up with all the changes is critical to maintaining your current online audience and reaching out to new ones.x

Digital marketing is not only about advertising; it’s also about solving problems, providing exceptional customer experiences, and retaining customers over time.

While data-driven advertising, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to advance, online marketing will aim to become more inclusive and more targeted

Now that 2021 is long gone, let’s see the digital marketing trends for 2022 that you should be aware of.

The Change In Privacy

Consumers are becoming increasingly distrustful of the content they’re being targeted with as a result of the excess of digital advertising and barrage of unsolicited marketing. As a result, digital marketers should plan for greater privacy constraints in 2022, which will change how they can track their consumers’ behaviour and ultimately the way they advertise to their audience.

Google has stated that third-party cookies would be phased out by 2023 and many digital marketers and advertisers will have to rethink their strategy as a result of this.

More Personalised Content

Following on from privacy, 2022 will also see the personalisation of content as a major marketing factor. Creating targeted marketing that caters to your demographic will yield more beneficial results than broad content that hopes of appealing to as many people as possible. But it’s not simply the content that must be engaging, as mentioned above, in an oversaturated webspace, ensuring that your audience receives the right ads at the right time and place is also critical to engagement – with greater privacy, audiences will be difficult to reach, and by creating personalised, targeted content could serve as a way of keeping audiences engaged and on your side.

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

Automation is becoming a more useful weapon for digital marketers as technology progresses. It not only saves time but also has the capacity to maximise the marketing campaign choices you make. AI allows you to access additional data, giving you more information on which to base your strategies and overall plan.

There are numerous new types of AI being researched, each with its own set of goals. Some are assisting advertisers in determining the most effective use of their resources, while others are focusing on specific demographics in order to gain a deeper understanding of user behaviour. Google Ad products are at the forefront of AI automation, and they provide a wealth of potential for marketers in 2022.

Video Marketing Is Still Trending

There are no indicators that video content marketing will fade away anytime soon. In 2022, having a video presence online to assist you in promoting and selling your products and services is just as crucial as it has ever been, if not more so. After 2 years of in-and-out lockdowns, online users have grown fatigued and bored of the constant barrage of ads, emails and spam.

Video content is popular because it is simple to consume, and it is beneficial to marketers because it promotes user engagement and retention more than text. That is why videos are used by more than 86% [1] of businesses as a marketing technique.

Video marketing can be used along with other digital marketing and social media campaigns to create compelling marketing strategies that work.

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