..and why your website structure is important

Organising the architecture of a website is a crucial process in a digital strategy because it helps search engines to easily find your site, define the main pages and sub-elements and increase online visibility.

Accurately designing the website architecture and preparing it for SEO is a very important step for your online strategy.

A good site structure will help you with:

    • User experience
    • Link to the informative website
    • Crawlability

So, what structure is required for a website to be quickly found and visible on the internet? Let’s have a look at some recommended practices to keep in mind when developing the architecture of your website.

Website Structure is Crucial

Site structure or site architecture refers to how your website is designed or how the various pages of your site are linked together for the best user experience.

Figuring out the site structure is usually the first step in designing a website, a site tree is used precisely for this reason because it consists of the main part which then branches into various substructures with all the information the user needs.

Think of it like, a tree.

If you have a tree structure site, the characteristics will look like this:

    • Trunk – Home Page
    • Sturdy branches – Categories
    • Twigs – Subcategories
    • Leaves -Products

Oftentimes, the tree of a website comes with the main menu (with pages such as services, who we are, contacts ..), to which the other pages or categories are linked according to a hierarchical structure. A good, intuitively designed website architecture improves the customer experience on your site and helps users easily find the content they need.

A Good Site Structure = Sitelinks

On the SERP, sitelinks display the most significant pages on your website. These are beneficial to SEO and can help you enhance clickthrough rates, brand recognition, and rank higher in the SERPs. Sitelinks are awarded by Google to websites that have a well-structured website.

It is unfortunately not possible to add a site link on your own.

Focus on a smooth user experience

Users will want to spend more time on your website if it is attractive, informative, and easy to navigate, which will increase their time spent on your site and decrease bounce rate. This tells Google that your site is a great result to provide for a search query, which can help you climb the rankings.

Optimise your URLs

Optimise the URLs with the crucial keyword or “keyword Rich URLs” the page will represent. Using a readable name in the URL instead of the page ID number helps crawlers and users to better read and understand the content of the page.

An example of Keyword Rich URLs:

If you have a Website Design Company in Bristol, a URL that is optimised for your website will be domain.co.uk/Website-DesignBristol.


A website’s structure is the result of careful planning and arrangement. It is an important part of SEO and should be completed before the development of your website. If your website is already up and running, you can always modify the design and enhance the structural organisation for SEO purposes. It can make navigation easier for both users and crawlers. So don’t be hesitant to dedicate time and resources to developing an SEO-friendly website.

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