Are you looking to expand your local client base to give your business a boost? Well, look no further than Google Local Services Ads (LSAs). These ads can put you directly in touch with potential local customers and help you stand out in a sea of Google search results.

In this blog, we’ll break down how to get started with LSAs and why they can be a game-changer for your locally-based business.

Getting Started with Local Services Ads

So, what exactly are Local Services Ads, and how can they benefit your business in Bristol or anywhere else? Think of LSAs as your digital storefront on Google. They allow you to advertise your services and connect with potential (local) customers who are actively searching for what you offer.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get Leads Directly: With LSAs, leads come directly to you in the form of phone calls and messages sent through your ad. It’s like having your phone lines and messaging system seamlessly integrated with Google.

2. Manage Everything Online: You can manage all your leads conveniently online or through the app, whether you’re on Android or iOS. This means you’re always in control and never miss an opportunity.

3. Simple Tools: Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy. Google provides simple tools to help you create a personalised profile that showcases your expertise in your industry.

4. Trust Matters: LSAs come with the Google Guarantee or Google Screened badge. This badge signifies trustworthiness to potential clients – and people love working with businesses they can trust.

5. Pay for Quality: Unlike traditional advertising, with LSAs, you only pay for leads that are relevant to your business and the services you offer. No more wasted ad spend!

6. Be Exclusive: Your profile is only visible to customers who have specifically chosen you. You’ll only hear from clients genuinely interested in your services.

7. Google Assistant: If you’re Google Guaranteed, you may also be listed as a local provider on Google Assistant, and it won’t cost you a penny more.

How Local Services Ads Work

When potential clients search for the services you offer, your Local Services Ad can appear at the top of their Google search results. They can click your ad to call you or send you a message request, making it super easy for them to reach out. They can even schedule a booking directly through your ad!

When a potential client contacts you, you’ll receive an email and notification from the Local Services Ads app. The lead is now yours to turn into a happy customer.

Remember, it’s essential to respond to as many messages and calls as possible. Consistently ignoring them might affect your ad ranking.

Google Screened and Google Guaranteed Ads

In the UK, Google Screened and Google Guaranteed badges are a mark of trust. These badges are earned through extensive background checks, license verifications, business registrations, and insurance checks.

  • Google Screened: For professionals providing various services, this badge shows your commitment to trustworthiness.
  • Google Guaranteed: If you offer home services, this badge assures potential clients of your trustworthiness and quality.

With these badges, you’ll stand out in Local Services listings, making potential clients more likely to choose your digital marketing services.

So, if you’re ready to tap into your local client base, consider Google Local Services Ads. They’re a fantastic way to connect with clients actively seeking your expertise and build trust within your community.

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